Letting users create sounds (access to sound transfer app)?

  • Hi Aodyo team,

    Reading https://community.aodyo.com/topic/398/new-sound made me wonder whether Aodyo would consider releasing enough tools to let users create their own sounds (so users could create sounds and eventually, share them), or at least explain the toolchain that Aodyo uses.

    For example, what parameters do you encode into a sound? Do you use a custom app for designing sounds, or are the sound parameters tested and tuned with other synths and then exported for use in the firmware?



  • Hello Troy,

    This is definitely on our roadmap but this takes more time than expected.
    Current situation doesn't really help us also.

    We do have tools to design the Sylphyo internal sounds using various synth technics. This tool already made several step forward compared to what we had when launching the internal sylphyo sound engine.

    Part of the work is also to achieve a user friendly version of our tool while still enhancing the possibilities of it.

    Feel free to explain us your expectation so that we could check and explain what may or may not be possible.


  • Hi @Laurent_AODYO,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. That makes sense. I didn't have specific situation in mind, so I'm happy to wait. Right now, I mostly use Logic (Sculpture, ES2, or Studio Instruments) or VCV Rack, and if I could experiment with a different tool and publish the sounds, I'd consider doing so.

    While I'm here, something else I've been working on may help other people. When I was getting started, I found that the documentation for using wind controllers with different software synthesizers either didn't exist or was very distributed. For example, someone might have posted a limited example how to use 1 synth in a niche discussion forum.

    I wanted to show prospective wind controller players that they can get good or great results from lots of synthesizers (so they can confidently buy a wind controller), and let them get going - and start experimenting with different apps - in 10 minutes or less.

    To do that, I started documenting "quick start" wind controller setups with many software synths here: https://github.com/troy/wind-controller-synth-quick-start. It assumes some familiarity with synths and MIDI, but not with wind controllers or any given synth.

    So far, it has enough coverage of EXS24, Sculpture, Studio Horns/Studio Strings, Zebralette, and Sonic Pi. I need to write down ES2 and VCV Rack, but it's already enough for someone with a new wind instrument to get great results (probably even with apps they already have or with free apps). I'd welcome suggestions and additions, either as pull requests, issues, or email.

    Warm regards,


  • troy, I take this opportunity because the subject of using hardware and software synths with our wind controllers is very interesting (knowing also that I mainly play my Sylphyo with Respiro from imoxplus, awesome and the best plugin for wind controllers) .
    And my question is: I can not take full advantage of hard and soft synths because almost none uses the Breath control CC2. And using Volume CC7 or Modulation Wheel CC1 does not give the best result. Do you have an idea to get around this?

    troy, j'en profite car le sujet d'utiliser des synthés hardware et software avec nos controleurs a vent est tres interessant (sachant aussi que je joue principalement de mon Sylphyo avec Respiro de imoxplus, génial et le meilleur plugin pour controleurs a vent).
    Et ma question est : je n'arrive pas a profiter pleinemment des synthes hard et soft car quasiment aucun utilise le Breath control CC2. Et utiliser le Volume CC7 ou le Modulation Wheel CC1 ne donne pas le meilleur resultat. As tu une idee pour contourner cela ?

  • @reidid789 Hello! From our experience the best way to get around this limitation is to assign (if you can) midi cc11 (expression) which is used in the Sylphyo as default for breath control to a vca within your synth. I have used this technique with hardware synths as well as eurorack synths and some soft synths. Let me know if this is helpful!

    Aodyo Instruments

  • Hi Reidid and team,

    Nice to meet you. I've listened to the respiro demos and have been very impressed. I think SWAM Saxophones will be my next purchase but so far I haven't exhausted Logic or free options :)

    Maxence answered this well, but yes, I think there are a few good ways around it:

    • For everything: Sylphyo sends CC#11 (expression) by default. Most full-featured soft synths react to that CC in some way and nearly all full-featured soft synths can be configured to react to it. Note: although Sylphyo can be configured to send CC#2 (breath) in MIDI Mappings, CC#2 is not the default. If yours sends CC#2 instead of CC#11, check the MIDI Mappings and consider changing it back to CC#11. CC#11 (expression) is much more widely supported than CC#2 (breath).
    • For non-modular hardware synths, check the manual and see whether it mentions CC#11, CC#2, or MIDI Learn. If it does, it can probably work pretty well with Sylphyo. As an example, Dave Smith's Mopho has this PDF manual and it lists Expression as a modulation source (PDF page 34).
    • For modular/Eurorack, Maxence has much more experience than I do. If you want to get fancy, check out http://www.hexinverter.net/mutant-brain. I haven't used it. This page and this page have other ways to control Eurorack with MIDI.
    • As a last resort, a synth could only use note velocity and still get fairly good results if it has other options (such as a way to adjust the baseline attack and decay).

    If there are synths which you can't get to work, or can only get to respond to velocity, feel free to post about them in a new thread and I bet someone will have an idea :)

    Hope this helps,


  • Good evening Maxence and troy,
    It's interesting to have such quick and useful feedback from both of you.
    Indeed, I have the CC2, CC1 and CC7 reflex to try to bring to life the presets of many plugin instruments such as AAS UltraAnalog V2 or AIR Hybrid, Vaccuum Pro, Velvet, Xpand ... and not CC11. So I'm going to try all of this and get back to you when it's done. I will test the action of CC11 on VCA of these VSTi as indicated by Maxence (Maxence, I am in contact with Rudy Verpaele and help as I can. I did the manual in French and some studiodid sounds. told me about getting in touch)
    Thank you and see you soon.

  • Any news or developments about loading our sounds in Sylphyo?

  • @palsyl No news yet, but we are still working on it and will be sure to send out an update as soon as we can say everything with certainty!

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