Key bend suggestions

  • Several years now every once in a while i switch on and give a try of the “key bend” function, wishing it was working like at any open hole wind instrument, one could gradually slip from a note to another, or could make well controlled vibrato on each note, etc. In spite of the warning “beta version” it always make me dissapointed, as it doesn’t exactly work like it was supposed to be, so i always switch it off after a half an hour. I would like to give some suggestions for a future improvement of this function, and would be happy happy to hear other users’ opinion about it too.

    1. Most importantly the range of the bending should happen according to the actual fingering setup. In saxophone fingering for example there is a half tone difference between the 3rd and the 4th hole (Btw E and F). Still, when with “key bend” on, the movement of the finger on E can bend the note even a whole note higher (to F#), which is not what we would expect: a bend of half tone, not more. Therefore the bend range should be adjusted according to the intervals of the actual fingering, half tones wherever it’s needed.
    2. There should be a finger velocity sensivity adjustment to filter out unwanted bending while normal playing. Only slow movements should be considered as bending, normal and fast movements of the fingers shouldn’t.

    The key bend function is a fantastic idea, i hope once it will be developed on from beta version.

  • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions Gergely.
    We made some hidden step in the key management towards what you described but there are still some software/hardware tricks to find to achieve this.

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