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  • Hi,

    I'm a beginner and I would like to buy a method for an acoustic instrument (flute, sax...) to get started with my Sylphyo. What would be the acoustic instrument(s) whose learning method can be tansferred the most painlessly onto Sylphyo (whether with the default fingering or an alternative one)?

    In the immediate term: I'm thinking scales/arpeggios, mouth technique (vibrato, tonguing) and ornaments (trills...).

    The website suggests that the flute might be the most direct counterpart. Would a flute method be the best / most rewarding route?

    In the longer term, and aside from my interest in Sylphyo as synth, I'd love to be able to find my way around oboe scores with it at some point; it's probably not relevant to my very early steps, but if there's a way of being clever about it then I'd love to read about it.


  • I've been using the Sylphyo + Link + XpressO for a few months.
    It's an interesting trio to have beautiful sounds of classical instruments (flutes, brass, oboe).
    Self-taught recorder player, I wouldn't allow myself to give any advice on how to learn. The site "" presents a lot of exercises and pieces to learn. To explore ...

  • Hello Nicolas,
    What fingering do you use on your Sylphyo? If you use EVI or flute, the best méthod should be a a flute method, pehaps a recorder method. So you can use your Sylphyo without transposing it. You can stay in C.

    You can surely find a second hand beginner method on the web.
    Do you read notes? If yes, I can send you some easy scores even with playbacks.
    Best regards. Daniel

  • Nicolas,

    If this were a traditional woodwind, I'd say get a high school band book and learn from there because it will teach you the fingerings. You can probably do that for some Sylphyo fingering patterns, but I think there are enough differences you may get frustrated.

    There is a series of method books for clarinet called the Lazarus Method. That's one option. Just use the fingering chart of your choice from the Sylphyo manual and work your way through the book. It's full of easy and challenging exercises and classical/opera pieces that, although intened for clarinet, aren't really instrument specific for the most part. Just bear in mind the book is intended for a Bb instrument, so you might want to set the sylphyo to transpose. That said, you probably have never heard any of the pieces in the method, so playing in any key probably doesn't make much difference.

    the method is a series of three substantial books, and you probably don't need any but the first, but thre are a lot of fun pieces in books 2 and 3.

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