How sensitive can I adjust the breath sensor?

  • Is it possible with adjustment to play fortissimo with minimal breath pressure on the Sylphyo?
    I have to stop playing trumpet due to intense pressure created playing fortissimo notes in the upper register. I'm looking for an EVI that requires minimal pressure. Thanks for any help.

  • @Trumpetman467

    The Sylphyo allows a very big range , and is very sensitive. Nothing like you would need on a trumpet.

    and it has a data smoothing option as well.

    But if you need you can make it hard: in software : and hardware, by closing the exit.

    Kind regards


  • Thanks Frank I appreciate the info

  • Hello Trumpetman,
    You can stick a tape on the 3/4 of (or more) of the Sylpyo's output air hole. So you need less air.

    I have put a wodden pin in the hole. But I perfored the pin with a 2mm bit and it works fine.

    Best regards. Daniel

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