Key bend MIDI message - Pitch Bend and/or CC 78?

  • Hi Aodyo team,

    Could you clarify which MIDI message(s) is generated by a key bend (by default in 1.4.3)? In case there are multiple, I'm referring to moving one's finger slightly off a key hole.

    When I move my finger slightly off a hole, I only see Pitch Bend messages in MIDI Monitor on macOS. Pitch Bend messages seem like logical behavior. However, the manual says CC 78 is generated.

    Also, in the firmware config, key-bend seems to appear in both MIDI Mapping (as "Key-bend ctrl.," default value CC 78) and in Keys (as "Key-bend (BETA)", default value "PB+"). I'm wondering whether they do different things or maybe the CC 78 mentions are leftover from an older firmware version.

    I'm new to Sylphyo, so it's entirely possible that I'm missing or don't understand something. Please forgive me if that's the case.



  • Hi Troy

    Looks like new feature, least to me. Original default is pitchbend. When you change the the value to control, 78 is generated.

    I think it is a new option: one is now able to separate the key bends from "other" bends.
    I have to to think how I will use it.

    Thanks for wondering about it: now I know too.
    The Sylphyo is getting more versatile.

    By the way, I am not part of the team. Just a happy user like you
    Kind regards

  • @frank Great, thank you! That helps a lot, and I'm glad to meet you as well :-) Even as a brand new player, I agree about the versatility and I'm having a blast exploring.

    Happy new year,


  • @troy

    I was very pleased to feel the initial response , just playing the first time: Impressive dynamic range with breath. And one can tune it to a playing style so much. When i started i used a single sound for weeks : Just a flute like thing: from pppp up.
    Paramater tweaking helped me a lot by making a table : with comments of results. Later i will add sounds getting the CC right.
    It is a joy and fun and serious work: but you can adapt unlike ...

    Happy new year too !

    Kind regards


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