Buying a Sylphyo

  • Hi Again

    As I wrote in my earlier post I have ordered a Sylphyo, and cant wait to get it.
    However the store where I bought seems to have difficulty delivering and also replying to my requests regarding when I can expect delivery.
    That is pretty annoying. Can anybody recommend a store where you can buy the Sylphyo (I know about the store list on this site, but it was one of those which does not seem to able to deliver any kind of service).
    I would also like the case for the Sylphyo, but that also seems to be hard to get hold of, any recommendations on buying location for that?
    And is there a backlog of Sylphyos from your production Facility?

  • Hi,

    Actually our retailers have sold all their stock of Sylphyo. New units are now shipping. They should be able to deliver in a few days.
    And since our crowdfunding campain is over, we don't sell directly anymore.

    Ludovic for Aodyo

  • And cases?

  • Sylphyo is delivered with a soft bag.
    We don't have a dedicated rigid box yet.

  • So the strangely shaped one in the pictures on the site is not available?

  • We are planning to develop a hard case but we are first and foremost focusing on playing capabilities.
    The strange boxes you may have seen in our posters were designed to illustrate the manifold sounds Sylphyo allows to play :

  • I have bought it in Thomann. Everything has gone all right. It is true that I would have liked to be able to test it first. Anyway, I am very very happy with Sylphyo.

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