A few notes from unboxing

  • Hi Maxence and Aodyo team,

    I just received my Sylphyo and have had a great first 2 days. The product is superbly designed and a pleasure to play.

    In case it helps Aodyo, I took a few notes as I was unboxing it. Overall it was easy to setup and the user manual is fantastic, so these are just tiny notes/ideas. Obviously I'm new, so they may not make sense :)

    First few minutes:

    • The printed quick start, manual, and quick start video all say to charge for "up to" 8 hours the first time, before ever turning it on. However, when it's off, there's no battery status or charge status indicators. Given that, a new owner needs to charge it for 8 hours no matter what (since we can't tell how charged the battery is without turning it on). That's what I did. Consider changing the docs to say to charge it for 8 hours instead of "up to" 8 hours and explain that for the first charge, there's no way to tell whether it's charging or how full the battery is - basically just plug it in and wait.
    • I wish there was a subtle indicator when the unit begins receiving mains power (like the screen coming on for a few seconds, which would also let is show the battery status). I wouldn't want the screen on all the time that it's charging, but displaying for ~5 seconds after plugging in would be handy. That would eliminate the item above.


    • The first few quick start videos are basically videos of words saying what to do (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZnmMfIc1EI). Instead of a video of words, I'd rather see someone actually doing the things described. I don't really need the jazz backing track, but I'd value seeing someone do these things (and the text on the screen alongside them). Also, the scenes cut away so quickly that it doesn't really feel very explanatory. I think my ideal quick start video would probably be a single scene, no cuts, with someone doing the things that the words currently say to do.
    • This might not be practical, but… if the user manual existed as a GitHub repo, I'd gladly submit changes (pull requests) for Aodyo to accept, reject, or edit.
    • Tiny nit: the on/off button is a little bit hard to use with headphones and USB plugged in.

    Thank you again for such an innovative instrument. I'm even more excited than I was before I ordered it :-)


  • Hi Troy,
    Thank you very much for your kind words and taking the time to write out what you like and don't like as much about the Sylphyo. Any feedback is appreciated and taken into account.

    For the charging indicator, you are able to see the Sylphyo charging if you turn it on while it is charging.
    Otherwise, we will look into your suggestions for improvements.

    For the quick start videos, this is something we have been talking about improving, and I will try to do some better ones as soon as I have the time.
    I will need to speak with our developers about the idea of a GitHub repository, and we will see what they say.

    If you have any questions or more feedback or anything else you would like from us, please let us know, we are always happy to hear from Sylphyonists!

    Aodyo Instruments

  • Hi @Support_AODYO,

    My pleasure for the comments, and thank you for a wonderful product. I'm enjoying it :)

    Regarding your reply "For the charging indicator, you are able to see the Sylphyo charging if you turn it on while it is charging," that makes sense but the instructions say not to turn it on until it's charged. From "First Steps" (https://www.aodyo.com/user-manual-page-en-21.html#section-sylphyo-at-a-glance.first-steps):

    When you unbox your Sylphyo, its battery might not be fully charged. Before turning it on for the first time, make sure you charge it for up to 8 hours. This ensures that the battery is not in deep discharge mode, which could prevent the instrument from functioning correctly.

    Warm regards,


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