Make Sylphyo Pro with 2 LH top keys, 2 LH side keys, a "bis" key and 2 RH bottom keys.

  • Two top keys can extend the top range by three semitones. An additional left hand side key can bend pitch down one semitone. An additional bottom key can add flexibility by adding an Eb, where an Eb belongs (hint: it should not include the left pinky). A "Bis" key can aid greatly with the commonly fingered LH Bb and all iterations of scales and arpeggios requiring rapid fingering combinations.

  • I fully agree with you Erik it would be easier to process alternate fingering

  • Hi Eric

    I would not call it a Sylphyo Pro but a Sylphyo Sax

    This opens the opportunity to create a Sylphyo Cla (albert or BoehM) or the Sylphyo Hobo as well?

    Maybe see it like you as a sax player and you add a flute. One has to learn to play a new instrument. A second instrument is not as difficult as the first, but one has to practice.

    The same count for adding the Sylphyo to your setup. One has to learn a new instrument. Luckily one can tune the key settings close to the sax. But one has to practise.
    But that is also the matter when the keys are exactly the same. So many responses are different, that the only way one can master the instrument is : practise. Even if you choose a different sound, say a soprano sax, to a bass clarinet type, one can only master, get the proper sound by practising: feel the mass, how a vibrato feels, and sounds, how to breath, and more.

    I am a sax player myself (tenor, soprano, bas) started on a recorder as a kid. Wx11 was my first wind, than wx5 and EWI 4000, 5000, I preferred the wx5, but the Yamaha's broke down. On each i had to relearn how to play sounds on the Vl70m.
    The Sylpyo now is a dream compared to the previous ones, except the lacking pitch bend with the mouth piece : half fingering and clever legato helps a lot to compensate.

    What do the additions you proposed bring?
    The top lh keys do not bring extra notes, all midi notes can be played already (7 octaves): one octave up, and those keys would not allow half notes.

    The additional LH key G# is already there, a key to lower a half tone under low C? Not really necessary since one can just go the octave below.

    I actually find the pinky up or pinky down rather convinient since can be applied on any note. Still needs some more practise

    I would not mind a slider like the bottom one for the octaves, gives some more perspective, but that is a different subject.

    Kind regards

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