Sending output to several MIDI channels

  • Sylpho selects single output MIDI channels.
    Is there an easy way to send output to several channels to activate multiple voices in the connected synthesizer without using sophisticated software?

  • No, there is no way to send to multiple MIDI channel currently but this could be a feature we could add in one of the next firmware release.
    The easiest way would be to add one parameter to ranging from 1 to 4 for example to indicate how many channel copy you would like to have on the Link midi outputs (this would be consecutive midi channel to the main selected channel else the menu setting would be much too complex).
    Main issue would be regarding MIDI bus which provides limited bandwidth. Sending data to multiple channel could probably fill or overfill this bandwidth due to the already high rate message the Sylphyo currently send.
    But maybe it would be easier to setup the connected synthesizer so that multiple voices all respond to the same MIDI channel (which would be the most efficient way to achieve what you request with no MIDI bandwidth issue and no potential delay between voices) ?

  • Hi Wlodzislaw

    The Sylpyo is a monophonic midi instrument. It can generate one note at the time. Not more.

    The midi signal is send to a tone generator, like a synthesizer to generate a tone.
    There are several ways to generate more tones from the single note.

    1/ plug the midi out in a Synthesizer with more than one oscillator. De tune the oscillators to create more notes at the same time. Note the relation between the tones is fixed.
    and / or
    2/ connect the midi out from the Sylphyo to synth one, and connect the midi out of synth one to midi in of synth 2 re-tune each synth to create cords.
    This can be done with hardware synths and in software
    Technically these are relative simple, but primitive methods, but are available NOW.

    There are utilities which can create more notes from the single note from Sylphyo.
    And soft synths can expand those notes as well.

    And sylphyo has a way to play cords in audio. But that does not make it a polyphonic synth.

    Kind regards


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