Battery and portamemto

    1. Can you tell me more about the battery? What is its lifespan? Is it easy to replace or does it require a specialist?
    2. It’s difficult to engage a fast portamento by having my thumb at the bottom of the slider and still reach the right hand keys as easily because of the different position of my hand in the no portamento and the fast portamento.
      Is there a way to flip the controls of the slider, send portamento to the elevation control or control portamento in another way? Or set portamento as a constant speed?

  • Hello Erik.

    To answer your questions:

    1. Battery is a standard type LiOn with protections that needs to be replaced by a specialist not because of the battery itself but because of the Sylphyo assembly as opening and closing the Sylphyo should be done by specialists that know the tricks to avoid breaking parts.
      Life span depends on the use but should last at least several years. Datasheet provide what would be a 2 years lifespan at the standard charge current of the battery, but we choose a much lower charge current that should increase the battery lifespan. Same or even better for the discharge current as the Sylphyo requires much less current than what the battery could deliver which lower the stress on the battery and should increase the battery lifespan.
      Today, after almost 4 years of sales of the Sylphyo, we never had to change batteries on a Sylphyo except for a very few "defective new" batteries that have been changed under warranty.

    2. This would be a nice to have to have feature we are thinking about: being able to swap control among the gestures available (elevation, roll, compass, sliders) could be quite interesting. But you could already activate the bottom slider latch mode to set your constant portamento speed. Alternatively we could offer on our control some continuous or threshold mode choice value with constant value if it is what you mean.

  • @Laurent_AODYO
    Thank you,
    Now I understand how to turn portamento on and set the time - with the lower slider.
    How can I turn it on, then off again?

  • @ErixSax
    In order to turn potamento on and then off you can use the slider from the bottom to turn it on, and then use the slider from the bottom again but this time going back down, so you would swipe up, keep your finger on the slider, and then slide back down until you are off the slider. You can also alternatively touch the bottom part of the slider to turn off portamento.
    I hope this helps!
    Aodyo Instruments

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