Sylphyo with Yamaha Motf Rack XS

  • I have Yamaha Motif Rack XS with Patchman Patches and have tried to make it work with Sylphyo. In the beginning everything seems to work fine, but after playing a while the sound gets blurred and mixed and everything freezees. Also the Sylphyo starts giving false pitches like you were using wrong fingerings. This does not happen if I change to Yamaha VL70-m with Patchman Patches. Do you have any suggestions about should I change the settings on the Sylphyo to work better with Motif Rack. For now I have been using the factory settings however changed to so that the reaction time is from 0-20 and with the More sensitive obtion not checked.

  • This looks like a MIDI issue to me: sometimes, some hardware synths have a hard time with the throughput of the MIDI messages sent by the Sylphyo. Please try to decrease the rate of the breath sensor (in the Settings menu, in the Breath section, set Frequency to Low or Very low) and check if the problem persists.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I changed the value of the Frequency to Low and it seem to help. The sound is now much more stable and there are not any more all those strange sounds. I think that I tried this before, but it did not help then. However I did make a Factory Reset after that, perhaps this has something to do with the matter. The advise was good, so thank you for that. Sylphyo really feels better and better every day.

  • Now after testing/playing the new settings with Motif Rack, I have to say that Sylphyo really put new life to the Patches. Playing them with Sylphyo compared to EWI4000 and EWI5000 feels totally different, the Patches sound more lively and rich. Actually, I got the feeling that I rediscovered the excellent Patchman Patches and Motif Rack again. So, once more, thanks for the advice. My next step is to get DynaSample XPression to work with Sylphyo.

  • Thanks for the nice comments! The XPression is full of amazing possibilities but we haven't had the time to master it yet. Feel free to share the interesting things you find with it!

  • I use the Xpression with Akai EWI USB. I have been following the Sylphyo since the early production and hope to purchase after this years Musikmesse and get more feedback as to how it works with the Xpression. Aodyo, please post more videos with different sounds.

  • Videos are coming! Every week we work on new content! But we haven't mastered the Xpression yet, so we won't do a video about it if we can't demonstrate the awesome little features that work great with the Sylphyo! Of course you'll be able to test both if you come see us at Musikmesse.

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