Looking for a pro-musician who wants to make a video on my Respiro Wind-Synth plug-in.

  • I'm the developer of Respiro, the new physical modelling wind-synth.

    I have a cool Sylphyo, but unfortunately I still need more practice on the fingering ....and hmmm....I'm not a pro-musician.

    Also, my friend Pedro Eustache is currently under very high demand and has difficulties to find time due to his intense touring and studio work... It's unbelievable how he can handle this... I'm working over 10hours a day...but he goes far beyond...,I will therefore not put extra workload on him....

    So, this is your opportunity, contact me via mail rudy.verpaele (@) gmail.com and tell me about yourself and why you would like to make a video on Respiro.
    All styles of music are welcome...
    A personal training will be provided via Skype or Facetime...
    You will need to record the video yourself...

    Looking forward to cool ideas....

    Respiro website
    latest audio track with Respiro

    alt text

  • Hello I am no pro musician and I will not do a video. But I bought the Respiro and I like it very much. The sounds are good and I play them on my PC and my windows tablet. With the Sylphyo and the EWI USB.
    Works very good. Greetings from Germany.

  • I think respiro is awesome, great sounds very responsive

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