Amplification for Sylphyo

  • Curious, has anyone used the Sylphyo with the Bose S1 Pro or the QSC K series? Any other recommendations for a portable but good sounding amplification system? Thanks!

  • Hi @dborgo

    The Sylphyo needs full range amplification. A stage monitor or the like. So not a Keyboard amp, Guitar amp etc.
    Rather speaker/amp combination fit for monitoring : On stage.

    Studio monitoring is something else.

    I always use a full range set of 12" Tannoys. Big stages hey are my personal monitors, small events the whole band plays over them. I must admit i am a huge Tannoy fan. True HIFI sound. I also use them in the studio.
    To me an investment which lasts a life time.

    the QSC k series are a modern compact unit: expandable ( add a sub woofer) for bigger venues. The built in dsp functions makes it flexible and versatile.

    The Bose missed the boat. If they would team up with more than 3 it would be something...

    Kind regards


  • I use a Roland mobile Cube.
    It is tiny, but powerful enough to play with a church organ (power on 5/10) .
    It can be totally nomad when played with 6 AA batteries.
    I use it often with an MP3 player with playbacks.
    I added a guitare strap to carry it on my shoulder.

  • I use also the Moblie Cube. But mostly I play with my soundcraft notepad and my Esi monitors. Both sounds rather good. i use also the Harman Kardon go play from my wife and this sounds really good. Friedus

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