New here Part 2

  • While gentle hands are Packing my Sylvyo - would have loved to cycle there to pick up myself - Dutch do everything on a bike.

    I make a planning and and share - always good to share knowledge.

    I think and i hope the internal sounds are just rough instruments, which you have to learn how to play, make them your own like a real Instrument. I remember when i got my first sax, summertime i played after an hour, but it took years and years to create my own tone. Expect the Sylpyo to be the same. With the WX7 it took me three years of tuning, learning, making the sound-engine behave what i want, to be able to say : what is in my head comes out of the instrument.

    And learn a proper fingering: half fingering looks exciting: can i make a b-flat with a b and half fingered a?

    Than i am going to break the law: No more extra instruments - you have too many already.
    I am going to get Respiro from Rudy Verpaele :
    Through him I became aware of the Sylpyo.

    VIP from Akai wil be my VST host and librarian. One can make multi s ( Up to 8 sounds) and set-lists. sounds are categorized. In order to load a sound one selects mellow alto: and all mellow alto's are show : from every plugin. So no more searching for the sound i used in. Was it Reaktor? Synclavier ?
    The program is great and costs near nothing ( 69 )

    Than i am going to check out if the VL70-m is still a valid addition : if yes, I will get the VLwizard from Inmox /aka Rudy Verpaele.

    I am still undecided what hardware i will use for life play.

    If i am in control i will start linking Syplpyo with the Linux

    If one has any questions or suggestions, welcome. I it is easyer : use your native tongue: French, Dutch, Vlaams, German, Bern Platte, Swahili

    Kind regards

  • Yes, it's always good to share knowledge!

    Don't set your expectations too high! This is not an acoustic instrument, and the academic and technical understanding of what makes the sound of an instrument so unique to its performer is nowhere near complete. So it won't be at the level of a sax, but we feel the Sylphyo still has something special in this regard and we're working towards making our internal sounds even more unique and versatile. Certainly, we're already amazed when we see other artists appropriate some of our sounds and make them sound veeery different just because they are different persons. It also depends on the sounds, some are more "fixed" and others are designed to be more "versatile". Personally, I find that it's very easy with the Sylphyo to incorporate the different ways to articulate and modulate sound into my playing (vibratos, tonguing techniques, bends, etc.). And if you pair the many expressive controls of the Sylphyo with an awesome physical modelling synth like Respiro, well, that's a killer match!

    As for the fingerings, if you come from the saxophone, you'll find that there'll be a period of learning to compensate for the missing keys. It's something we want to address (e.g., making a B flat by half-fingering the B key or by fingering the B key and half-fingering the A key as you suggested; or having alternatives for the palm keys) but we're not there yet (we're very open to discuss the fingerings with users). If you have experience with other wind instruments you might want to try the different adaptations we made for their fingerings, and select the one you're the most familiar with.

    We don't have many Linux users, and we don't officially support Linux as a platform (it might be a problem for applying updates, though they work great in a Windows VM), but the Sylphyo and Link are USB-MIDI class compliant so everything will work great with your existing stuff. Please feel free to report on your experiences with Linux!

  • Great !

    after your response i can set my goals even higher!!

    I really appreciate your level of openness. I do not expect support for linux and i will share experiences !

    Do you have an open roadmap ? A secret one ?

    On my wish-list would be a reed like mouthpiece: so i can start a note at any pitch :but we will discuss that in due time.

    Now i am waiting for the message when my Sylphyo will arrive

    Good time to order Respiro.

    Thank Join


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