New here. Took the plunge....GULP.

  • Hi.

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I am a bit freaked out as I decided to get the Sylphyo after looking at info for only a few hours, but it look likes EXACTLY what I have wanted for so long- an instrument that converts breath or voice to different instruments. I have also been searching for an instrument to learn as I am a song writer and sing with a band but also felt I could do so much more when creating music if I could learn to play something. Well, I am coming to this wiht barely any wind instrument playing at all.
    I am a bit scared as 1k is a big investment for me- got the link bundle - , but I am more excited to see what I can do when it gets here this week!
    One question if anyone can reply - I am in the U.S. - do I need t purchase a wall plug adapter and if so, which one would I need? Thanks in advance!
    Anyway, looking forward to interacting with ll of you in the future.

  • @FlynnFoleo Welcome! You will have a lot of pleasure playing with this so expressive instrument the Sylphyo is.

    To answer your question, you can charge your Sylphyo through usb, so you won’t need an adapter to us it.

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