Suspicious delivery package

  • I would like to comment some fact that has wondered me when I received my sylphyo last week.
    I have bought my sylphyo at Thomann music store and they delivered me on two carton boxes: an internal box from aodyo and a external box from thomann.
    The external box (the thomann one) was intact and without any signal of hit delivery but,
    when I have opened the outside box I was surprised to see that the second box, the inside aodyo carton box was not intact, in fact was impaired as it had been hit (but not broken) and not very well closed.
    I have taken a long breath and I have opened the second box, the aodyo envelope carton box. I found my aodyo inside just wrapped on a thin white paper.
    Sincerely, I expected to receive it better protected.
    I do not want to think about responsabilities of who has manipulated and in which way the aodyo box to receive it on that state. At that moment I have taken my aodyo, It had installed the 0.0.1 software version, I have actualized to the 1.0.0 version, and I started to play it.
    I have not had any problem at the moment, but I'm worried if it would have in a future for this suspicious delivery package.
    I would like to ask you how long is the warranty for my sylphyo if I detect any function mistake or even if you consider I would need to return it to thomann.
    Thank you very much

  • Hello,

    Strange experience you had there.
    Did you buy your Sylphyo as B Stock or new ?
    If you bought it new, the internal box should have been clean.
    Please send us an e-mail at and provide us your serial number, name and address so that we can track it in any case to provide you the support you deserve for your instrument.
    Perhaps you should also send an e-mail to thomann for the record about this.

  • Thanks to you,
    I will send you the information you require me by the contact mail support.

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