New sounds and Aodyo contest.

  • Aodyo Instruments

    Dear users,

    We are launching a contest for the release of three news sounds for the Sylphyo. Let’s discover Electro Fuse, Sylphatty and Unreasonable!

    The rules are easy. The aim is to realize short videos demonstrating the multiple dimensions of each sound, as we did here:

    Every participant will win a 50€ voucher on our web store*! And a special surprise will be offered to the best video, after a Facebook vote with our community.

    To participate, follow the instructions below.

    Download here the preview of the new firmware:

    Make three videos including these three mapping screens at the beginning:
    Post it online and send the link to before April the 15th!

    I declare the game open!

    *The voucher is valid on our shop for any purchase of a minimum of 75 €, not combinable with other current offers.

  • Hi thanks for the new sounds. I will not take part at the challenge because I am not a very good player. But I wait for the good players so I can see how the handle the new Sounds. But I would be very happy when the next sounds would be more like some brass Instruments. I would give 5 of the electric game sounds for one trumpet or Sax. So I have not to carry my other equipment (Laptop, Link, Ketron etc) when I want to play outside my home. My favorite Sound so long is the Chalumeau. Best wishes Friedus.

  • Thanks, I like the new sounds, although I would share the hope that we might have some traditional instruments in a future release! By the way are there some undocumented new sounds in some of the higher numbered slots in the beta, or is it just code that's got muddled?

  • I'm deciding to buy a Sylphyo but I prefer acoustic simulation. I believe that if you insert a good application like Audio Modeling SWAM engine complete (less than 1 Gb of samples!) into the tool, even at the cost of a surcharge, all future and perplexed users would be thrilled. And it would be a great reason to buy it.
    Regards, Fernando