Controlling Volca Keys?

  • I wanted to know if it was possible to control the Volca Keys. Maybe with the Link?

  • Yes it should be possible. We already controlled the volcano FM using the standard DIN midi Out provided by the Sylphyo Link by mapping the breath control to MIDI CC 41 which is called Velocity on the Volca FM.

    From a quick check to the Volcano Key midi implementation chart, it should be even more straightforward as the Volca Keys recognize the Midi CC 11 which is the default setting of the breath control on the Sylphyo.

  • Waw this was a quick response! Perfect, that's what I needed to know to definitely get Sylphyo. Thank you very much.
    Ah, now that I think about it, could I also control other aspects of the Volca then?

    Thank you very much again

  • Yes, you just have to setup the various control of the Sylphyo to different sound control.
    For example you could use the slider to set the Filter cutoff (Midi CC 44 on the Volcano Key), then maybe the Delay Time and Delay Feedback to motion control such as elevation and roll. But many other things would be also possible.

  • Thanks a lot Laurent!

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