Remove the mouth piece

  • Hello, I just received my aodyo sylphyo last week and I'm very happy with it experimenting on my compositions.
    The package included a second mouth piece and my questions are related to that issue.
    In fact, I have two questions:
    1- I have a basic and maybe very silly question: how do you remove the mouth piece if you need to do that? I have been reading the user manual, but I did not found any answer. I guess must be pulling it out. I did not try it because I like to be very careful with my instruments and not experiment if I'm not sure.
    2- The blue metallic ring around the mouth piece is not fixed. I mean, if I touch it I can move and rotate it easily. Is that normal?
    Thank yout very much

  • The metallic ring and the mouthpiece are designed to be easily removed and replaced. You can indeed remove the mouthpiece just by pulling it out (rotating it a bit like a screw first can help).

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