Suddenly screen won't light up.

  • Re: Help! My Sylphyo seems to be dead 😵

    Hi I recently received my sylphyo and got the chance to get to know it, unfortunately I very quickly got this problem, on my maiden playing :(

    It was B-stock from Thomann, seemed to be a pre-update version, but I expected it work none the less. The 10 second wait doesn't work either :( I hope this issue was resolved and that I can be helped too!

  • Hi, it seemed to be a battery issue. It works now!! I did charge it over 8 hours out of the box, and I hardly had it on for more than an hour so I hope this will not be a recurring issue. This time I will let it charge for an even longer time... Is it very pricey to have a new battery installed if this turns out to be neccesary? I need to consider the cost vs benefit of returning this one and getting a newer one.

  • Definately a battery issue. Today it worked for perhaps an hour of "on time" at most before it wouldn't start again. Nothing near 8 hours of battery life. Now I really want to find out the cost of changing the battery... I will try to find an authorised shop in Sweden and enquire.

  • Hello Juantheone,
    Sorry for your problem. Let us know how you resolved it.
    Was not your Sylphyo under garantee?
    I had a problem of dysfunction on my one (bought in second hand, but under garantee.
    When I explained the problem to Aodyo, they proposed me to send it back.
    They quickly exchanged my Sylphyo for a new one.

  • @Daniel57 Indeed it has the full waranty. I am in contact now with the Aodyo team and await them to advise me in the issue.

    Thanks for the words.

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