Double MIDI note transmission with Sylphyo and Link

  • Looks like there is a double MIDI note transmission with Sylphyo and Link which do not alow working with expanders such as new DynaSample XpressO because of limited polyphony.
    Is this problem beeing idientified yet ?

  • We have had another report of this issue but haven't had enough returns to determine if there are particular settings that aggravate or mitigate the issue. Do you have an XpressO? If so, a trace from a MIDI monitor utility demonstrating the double notes would be very helpful.

  • Yes I have 2x XpressO so yes I can test the Midi Monitor on the XpressO but what make me think it is such problem is that when using a standard Sound 1 voice on the XpressO (sample engine 2 voices max) I still get note cutting specially when using legato so some notes might overlap.
    I will make some additional test and let you know

  • Hello Fred, I have an XpressO too and the same problem ! Have you had a contact with Ingo ? He could help us, but he is not yet supporting Aodyo’s controler … I was ready to send him my Own Sylphyo to have ut well set uped, but he was too busy …
    I must go on playing with my Ewi 5000! Alas not wireless !
    I hope you will fine a solution with the Aodyo team because I am not a good technician 😿.

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