Problems with pith bend in the slider

  • It is about using the pith bend in the slider. When I do that, suddenly the Sylphyo works half a tone upper: I play C, and it sounds #C, and the same with all the notes (without using the slider). If I try moving up an down my thumb, suddenly it goes back to the right pith. But I could not say exactly how I have done it. And, anyway, when I try to use again the pith bend, the problem happens again.

  • I think I have solved the problem by changing the thumb size in the slider settings.
    Nevertheless, although I have read the operations manual, I don't understand exactly how the slider works in pitch bend. The thumb always have to go downward? In both parts of the slider? Or it works also upward? What are the options and how to use it?... Thanks

  • I had the same issue hen I first got mine and yes I too sorted it by changing the thumb size. I have set mine so that to pitch bend down I just roll my thumb down from where I naturally have it at the thumb rest of the instrument. Then if I want to pitch bend a note upward I start the note with my thumb in the roll down position and roll it back up to the thumb rest of the instrument. This seems to work well although sometimes the slider seems to loose its start setting and the pitch bend only works halfway down the slider. When this happens I lift all fingers off the sylphyo for a few seconds at the first opportunity, then carry on playing. This seems to recalibrate the setting and all is good again.

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