Dynasample XpressO

  • Hi,
    I received this week my Dynasample XpressO.
    I had to changed few settings to make it work :

    1. on the Sylphyo, select Midi Channel One
    2. on the Xpresso, map CC 11 input to CC 2 for breath control.

    A lot of sounds are great !
    I'am shure it need more tips and tricks.
    If anybody buy the same product, I'm very much interessted to share information about additional setting.

    To Aodyo team : it would be great if the designer of XpressO put in his product a SetUp ready to perform as he did with some EWI and WX. Perhaps you may contact him ?

  • yes, very good sax/ewi player, he does a great job and his sound modules are among the best choice...but he has no Sylphio...you should give/lend him one, it would be an improvement for all of us ! ( come on, go on ! ;)

  • Hello fanch75 and Funam I completely agree with you !!!
    Sylphyo and XpressO are completing each other. Too bad that we are not able to make them work together ! 😤😢

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