Roll Control Behaviour

  • I am observing the following behaviour of roll control and would like to ask if anybody else can reproduce this behaviour and if it is a bug or a Feature.

    I am trying to use roll control for CC1 (Modulation) in order to add vibrato.
    I play a note in neutral position
    I roll the Sylphyo while playing the note - vibrato is added (o.k.)
    I hold the Sylphyo very steady in the new position and play some more notes - no vibrato (I would expect the same Level of vibrato as before (not ok from my current understanding)
    I roll the Sylphyo back to the neutral position while playing a note - vibrato is added now (not what I expect).

    It seems, that every time, a new note is triggered, the current roll-position becomes the new neutral position.

    Now, my question is: is this a bug of a feature?
    (It is not the behaviour, I expected, but maybe, it is even better for playing, if you get used to it)

    best regards, Christian

  • Hi Christian,

    Acutally this is not a bug! The roll movement of the Sylphyo is a relative control.
    We made this choice because it's hard for a musician to maintain an absolute orientation.
    But we are considering for next version to enable to switch this control mode to absolute.

    Ludovic for Aodyo

  • Thank you for the explanation :smile:
    I understand your idea.
    Maybe, it is sufficient to explain that in the next version of the user Manual (it took me some time wondering, why roll control sometimes seems to work, sometimes not... ). I will now try to adopt to the relative control.

  • After fighting for weeks with my Roland XV-2020, I decided to change to a different sound module and started to use Samplemodeling Trombone. I like it a lot :-)

    But here ist my question:
    I'd like to use Roll control for the vibrato. For me, it is difficult to control it, since the range (or depth) of the vibrato of the virtual instrument goes up to a quite high (for myself much to high) amount. It would be much easier, if one could limit the maximum value either on the instrument itself or on the Sylphyo settings.

    Since I am new to the Kontakt Player and to Samplemodeling instruments, there may be a way to adjust that (?)

    If not - could it make sense to allow a limitation on the Sylpyho itself in some of the future versions?
    Also a possibility to choose absolute control mode instead of relative control mode would be great.

    Some wishes for the future...

    cheers, Christian

  • Hello Christian,

    Sample Modeling's Trombone has actually an abrubt vibrato range. Neither it is possible to adjust it directly, nor in Konkakt.
    For you information, Swam instruments' vibrato ranges are much more smooth.

    On the Sylphyo side, current OS version doesn't allow this kind of settings, but we are working on it!

    However there are solutions to adjust your Midi messages:
    On Windows: Midi-Ox / Option / Data Mapping
    On MacOS: MidiPipe / Control Split

    Hope this helps.

    Ludovic for Aodyo

  • Just a brief success report:
    I started to use Cantabile Solo and am now hosting the Kontakt player with the Trombone inside Cantabile. That offers all kind of possibilities to filter and fine-tune MIDI CCs. Now, I also have a Vibrato on the Trombone, which can be controlled from the Sylphyo :-)

  • Thanks for your feedback. Didn't know Cantabile, but it looks really good for MIDI handling and live performance.

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