• I hate to grumble but I am disappointed, as an early purchaser of my sylpho I have had it some time, and recently purchased the updates with sync and new sounds.

    For me I used it as a midi controller as primary use firing other synth sounds and module, so the new sounds are fun but nothing compared to what you can do with other sound modules. Its very star wars.

    But now since the upgrade the loss of being able to plug it straight into and ipad without having to find additional power solutions has almost stopped me using this.

    The latency using the sync module as well is appalling, this is with the vl70m and a high end pc, it just make is no fun to play, its just too high. I was using it in a gig last night and just had to stop, it was like fighting a tiger. using a direct usb cable out doesn't always work as it seems its not truly class compliant and again draws too much power.

    you promised you would work out a firmware where you can start it without onboard sounds and use less power and then be able to plug and play. where is this??

    The older version was far better for me sorry, and I guess many uses who would prefer to use exterior sound modules, tim brown please dont reply

  • The latency thing is something we cannot reproduce.
    Could you please confirm that it is still there even after a factory reset?

    If it's still there, the usual thing to do for diagnostics is to use MIDI monitor software and try to see if there is a significant delay between an action on the controller and new data being displayed on the screen. It would be very helpful if you could test your Sylphyo+Link using a MIDI monitor (see this article for help), ideally showing us a video of the delay.

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