Issue updating to 1.3.1

  • Has anyone else had trouble updating to 1.3.1? The progress bar stopped about 1/3 of the way thru, and gave me an error about not being able to write a file (started with an "H"). I had to revert to 1.3.0, which did finish the progress bar but gave me the same error message. Thankfully the instrument is working as it was before. Any thoughts? I'm on a Mac. Thanks!

  • Hello dborgo. same for me first. But then I changed the usb from my hub and went directly in the computer and it works! May be it is the for you. Greetings Friedus

  • Was it something about a HID report? If so, try using a different USB cable and do not touch the cable or the Sylphyo during the update. If you still have trouble, please send us a mail ( with details and the contents of the Log Console (Help menu).

  • Thanks. Yes, an HID report. I think you are both right, that it is the connection, but I am on a newer Macbook with only a single USB-C port, so I have to go through a dongle (or I have too look for a cable that goes from USB-C to the Sylphyo directly...).

  • We don't have a Mac with USB-C ports so we cannot yet test it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you still can't update correctly, please send us a mail ( with screenshots and/or copies of the text you see in the Updater (both the error message if any, and the contents of the "Log Console" window that you can open before starting the update by clicking the "Log Console" item in the Help menu), as well as descriptions of what you see on the Sylphyo during and after the update.

  • I have a Mac with USB-C. I did not have any problem updating.
    I used the genuine Apple USB to USB-C adapter.

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