My Sylphyo stops in one note.

  • My Sylphyo starts playing ok with the Sylphyo Bench but half one hour later stops in one note and the Aodyo buton stops working as well. So i can no longer go in the menus and try if is something i can do. Thats annoying when you are in the middle of a jam or worst on the stage. Than i turn it off. Some times after some hours it comes playing more a few minutes, other times just next day its recovered. I try reset it but nothing happens.

    Now i do not know if it`s some kind of original imperfection or am i doing something wrong. I need help please.

  • @Adriano-Ferrão exactly the same happened to me several times. very annoying, couldn`t find the reason.
    do you use any plug to narrow the way of the airflow? do you use a custom made mouthpiece? is the metal ring under the mouthpiece well fixed?

  • Hello Adriano,
    I will contact you in a few minutes by email.
    I need some informations to find a solution to your problem.
    Best regards.

  • Hello gbarcza It`s really very annoyng, even more when we beguin to know the incredible sounds that it can produce. To respond to your answers: No i play it like it come out of the box, and yes the metal ring is weel fixed.

  • @Matthico Hello, i just replyed to your emai. I`ll be waiting. Thank again for your help.

  • I have the same problem and last time it happened during a concert!
    I suspect it's becauese of the sweat on the fingers.

  • @axelivo Do you think its happening because a guy is to hard with the fingers? I have the impression im not, but…. I suspect that it happens faster when you use your breath to get a stacatto effect, but it`s just one more impression.

  • I am experiencing the same problem. My sylphyo arrived today and after a couple of hours charging the instrument seemed to work well. I could play through headphones and via usb to pc/studio one. I was absolutely delighted.

    However I have not been able to connect to the link (the link led stayed permanently yellow and the when the 'wireless link' menu is ticked, the 'receiver device' stays greyed out and cannot be selected.

    A little later the instrument seemed to become erratic. Now no keys are functioning, the settings menu is lit but not responding, and I can play a single note (with expression) through headphones and sylphyo bench.

    Please advise.

  • We have taken note of your remarks and will treat them individually.
    We will therefore contact you in a few minutes from our support.
    Each problem is not necessarily linked, it will be easier to ask each of you the questions that will allow us to solve your problem.
    Thank you.

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