latency again

  • what setting can be tweaked to try to improve latency, I am noticing enough latency using the sync and less so via usb when using when sending out via midi out on the sync, also via usb to computer.

    can anything be done to improve this?

  • In order to help, we need to know your setup (computer, interface, VST, etc.).
    Have you tried to set your interface buffer size?

  • yes buffer size is minimum, I am using win 10 64bit i7 8800 chip 16gb fast ddr4 ram, on ssd.

    its a mother of a machine, with a scarlet 6 i6 buffersize is down to 64, the lowest you can get.

    what I am noticing is using the new sync unit add latency, I am also sending via the new sync out to a vl70m.

    both when using your new wireless sync are having a fair amount of latency, very noticeable.

    If I use a puc+ with a usb cable the latency is much much lower.

    so latecy I think is coming from the new sync unit. not my setup./ the old panda had less latency.

    to demonstrate this I have a mixer with vl70, reason, and straight out form the internal sounds,

    internal sounds is super fast, but then the vl70 and computer are showing lots of latency.

    I am a producer, filmmaker and professional musician, and have been working and programming in midi for over 20 years.. I do not think my kit is the issue,

  • Thanks for these precisions. Two more questions:

    • Do you notice the same latency when using the Link internal sounds and play wireless?
    • What is your velocity setting? (Settings Menu / MIDI mapping / Velocity)

  • no, they seem near identical, tested using one earplug to sylpho out and one headphone to link out.

    velocity set to 127

  • And did you modify breath parameters (Settings Menu / MIDI Mapping / Breath / More Options) ? Multiple CCs for breath can bring latency.

  • @doul thanks set only to go to cc4

  • Does it fix the latency problem?

  • no, it is set to cc4, nothing else

  • To summary, you notice latency when using Link MIDI outputs (DIN with the VL70 or USB with a computer) but not with internal sounds of the Sylphyo nor wireless with the Link Line outputs.

    What about USB MIDI direct from the Sylphyo?

  • when using usb to puc+ via direct midi no real latency problem.

    when using usb to midimachines usb host controller to vl70m no real latency.

    so its the sync unit and midi out that I am finding the latency issues.

  • Please send us a mail with a video at to help us understand the issue.

  • its difficult to capture on video do you know any latency measuring software?

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