Linking Problem after Update Links stays on yellow light

  • I updated to 1.2.0
    Now I have problems with the link, which used to work just fine before. I had no connection after the update, so I pressed both buttons to initiate linking mode. The thing is: The Sylphyio tells me, it is linked ( <<•>>) in the settings Menu. The link keeps showing a yellow light. Switching off and on again doesn't change this. Plug out and in again (as well switched on as switched of) doesn't change it either.
    I did a factory reset on thy Sylphyio. No changes.
    Any ideas, what I can do?

    (what I did when I updated: Link was plugged into the computer when I started the update. I then read, that I have to plug in the Sylphyio itself. So I plugged out the Link, plugged in the Sylphio and after off/on-switching the update seemed to do its work.)

  • As your Sylphyo+Link already came with the latest version (1.3.0), you shouldn't have made an update, and you effectively did a downgrade to an older version that doesn't understand how the Link works, hence your situation. We'll update our website to be extra clear about this.

    If you're on macOS, you can download this 1.3.0b1 update utility which should solve your problem.
    Tell me if you're on Windows so that I can package an update for you.

    Was your Sylphyo upgraded or did you buy the Sylphyo+Link new?

  • @join Update 1.3.0b1 solved the problem, Thank you so much
    (I bought Sylphyo+Link new)
    Btw: The information about linking with the Link is outdated too. Had to check the forum to learn about the two button thing. Thank god there are so many helpful people around :-)
    Thanks for solving my problem so quickly
    All the best

  • Great to hear that! As for the info, we've been a bit late on updating the user guide to reflect all the changes, but it should be online next week.

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