Unable to use iPad with latest version

  • The new updated version cannot connect to iPad or iPhone any more as it needs too much power, I have tried via the sync box to device and via usb cable, also with a camera connection kit that provides external power, all fail with the new updated version..

    That is really is not good.

  • @k0872 said in Unable to use iPad with latest version:

    The new updated version cannot connect to iPad or iPhone any more as it needs too much power, I have tried via the sync box to device and via usb cable, also with a camera connection kit that provides external power, all fail with the new updated version..

    That is really is not good.

    I received my Sylphyo yesterday. After reading this, I decided to test for myself.

    I used a normal iConnectMIDI MIO that does not require a CCK (so no additional power going to the iPad) and another that does require the CCK. I used a CCK that does have the extra power in jack. The MIO's both have MIDI DIN connectors, so I plugged those into the back of the Link.

    Both worked fine with various apps on two iPads - a iPad Air 2 and a iPad Pro 12". I tested several apps, making sure to select the MIO in the app's MIDI IN preferences. I also tested an iPhone 6s and it worked fine as well.

    Do you have a MIO handy that you can use?

  • The new Sylphyo and Link consume a bit more power than before due to their internal synth, hence the need to power the Camera Connection Kit (CCK). We tried the few iDevices and iOS versions we had at hand and it worked well, but we are aware that internally iDevices are very different and that some things still need to be ironed out.

    We're currently beta-testing a firmware version that might work a bit better for some devices and generally make things easier, and we'd be glad to send it to you (send us your Windows or Mac version at contact@aodyo.com), but you can already try to follow this order when connecting a Link to your iDevice: turn off your Sylphyo first (very important), connect the Link to the CCK adapter, power the adapter, connect the adapter to your iDevice, and only then power on your Sylphyo.

  • What cable do you recommend for connecting the Link directly to the computer or iPad? The connector on the back is opposite of what I would normally find.

    Looks like we need A-A cables like these.

  • (Although we already discussed this privately, I took the liberty to also leave an answer here because it could be of interest for other users.)

    The only cable you need is the one included in the package: a mini-USB cable. To connect the Link to your computer, just plug the larger end into one of the USB ports of your computer, and the smaller end into the "USB Power Supply" port of your Link. To connect the Link to your iPad or iPhone, you must use a powered Camera Connection Kit (CCK; made by Apple and not included) and plug the larger end into the CCK, while the smaller end is plugged into the "USB Power Supply" port on your Link.
    The larger USB port on the Link is used to connect a controller to the Link; in this case the Link acts as a USB host.

  • happily try the new firmware as I am still unable to use the new version with an ipad or iphone using the CCK and standard cables.

  • Thanks, join. That cabling worked fine.

  • sent my email and os to try the latest firmware to see if helps

    one thought that might reduce power is the default volume is high in headphones.

  • @k0872

    another idea is an ios switch, that turns off internal sounds and send only midi data, which would reduce power.

    I have now tried two CCk usb 3 kits and I cannot use the sylpho with an ipad air 3gen and a iphone 7, both latest ios.

    still waiting on firmware

  • Yes, there's a number of things we'll try, including selectively turning off the internal synth, to improve the situation if the new firmware doesn't correct that. You'll receive a mail with an update to the Sylphyo Link and instructions on how to install it once it's uploaded to our servers.

  • thanks for keeping trying as I really do feel to be able to connect to iphone and ipad without having to be near a mains supply and add extra conectors to make it work is really reall important.

    the new sounds are fun and the potential of others are exciting, but the loss of the simplicity of just plugging and play with iphone and ipad is a real minus point for me.,

    I dont want to carry addtional power supplies and cables.

    hopefully your next firmware might help this.

    keep up the good work

  • @k0872 said in Unable to use iPad with latest version:

    I dont want to carry addtional power supplies and cables.

    Many/most iOS compatible devices that require power require external power of some sort due to the power requirements. Even if they could be powered from the iPad, for reliability reasons I would never entrust the iPhone/iPad alone to provide power for itself and external iOS music devices. That's simply not what they were designed to do. The battery in the iPad would drain much quicker.

    Have you considered adding a small battery backup, like those for powering an iPhone? You can get them for $30-$60. They work well and the battery lasts hours. They are small and lightweight. I have one I purchased from the Apple Store that works well. It easily fits in a pocket and would provide much more reliable power when away from mains.

  • @k0872 Thanks for your support. Fixing unpowered CCK support to possibly make it work like it did before is now very high on our to-do list! Sadly the power issues on iOS are mainly due to Apple's policy of restricting power usage even more with each release (but mostly for the devices that don't subscribe to their "walled-garden" MFI program). I think we can work around this by disabling some functionality, like the internal synth, either when detecting the host is an iDevice or upon user request. When it's ready we'll be happy to have you try our fixes on your iDevices.
    The finger vibrato you're also eagerly waiting for will be ready later (for the next big software release), but again we'll contact you to help us test and refine this functionality.

  • thanks I look forward to this update.

  • I found another way of doing this looking at old kit that works without carrying loads of extra power leads ipad conectors,

    I am using the puc+


    which sends midi via bluetooth, latency is good as well, powered by batteries. most modern synth apps support bluetooth connections

  • The Puc device is pretty cool. But realistically you just traded one battery for another. Instead of providing the additional battery power the iPad needs to host external devices, you now have a battery powered Bluetooth MIDI device. Cool, I guess. But there are a lot of great iOS apps that do not support Bluetooth MIDI (yet at least).

  • @randybrown I think your wrong sorry, to get the new sylpho to work with any ios device, you now need an extra ios usb3 camera connector kit plu a portable battery or ios cable and power plug, the previous version you could just use the panda connector which worked well.

    using the puc is one thing and the latency is better than the new sync unit.

  • @k0872 I'm only familiar the current model. Works well for my uses. In my tests, the Link can be fully powered by portable battery backup. I currently use iOS exclusively for my synth apps and to play backing tracks. So have multiple CCKs handy.

    But I don't play iOS synths with the Sylphyo. The internal sounds are extremely responsive and expressive. I use iOS synths for the remainder of the composition. I use the CCK to be able to send and receive multiple tracks from my Keith McMillan K-Mix mixer. It also can be fully powered by portable battery backup. :-)

  • the latest beta update now breaks the possibility of uisng the puc+ or using the usb out cable to midi host :(

    great shame

  • Are you talking about the 1.3.1b2 version that was on Sylphyo Exchange? Did you try the official 1.3.1 version available on our website?

  • @join said in Unable to use iPad with latest version:


    yes the 1.3.1b2

  • Did you try the official 1.3.1 version from our website as well? There are some differences compared to 1.3.1b2.

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