Midi learning problem

  • Hello, bonjour...
    I am having problems with using all the variables of the Sylphyo in various iOS synths etc
    If I switch on midi learn, select a knob or slider on the iPad, and then, for example, make a rotation or other movement of the Sylphyo, sometimes nothing happens until I blow into the sylphyo. Then it is apparently pure chance if the iOS parameter is mapped to the rotation or to the breath control. In other words, j'essaie en français, je dois souffler pour que l'ipad accepte de faire un 'mapping' de rotation, élévation, slider etc., mais à ce moment là il risque de prendre le CC11, pression de soufflement, comme source. Mais si je ne souffle pas, les autre parameteres ne sont pas transmises. How can I avoid that?
    Thanks, merci.

  • Hello

    To achieve such midi learn on any device it is possible to get only one CC sent by using the Mapping MIDI menu, highlight the control you would like to send for midi learn and blow into the Sylphyo (you would only get CC message mapped to the highlighted control then and other manipulation on the Sylphyo wouldn't send other MIDI CC).

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