Kontakt and aodyo sylphyo

  • Hello,
    my new question is about the level of control and precision of aodyo over kontakt standalone and VSTi sampler.
    I'm interested to control Kontakt sampler (either as standalone application or as VSTi plugin through a DAW soft) with the aodyo MIDI wind controller.
    I'm concerned if Kontakt software will detect the breath expression from the aodyo breath MIDI controller and the sound resulting would be expressed with the exact and precise dynamics I would be doing with the aodyo
    I'm interested to control a wind sample of ney sound from a library of kontakt sampler
    I have been reviewing the manual instructions you have of aodyo controller here at your web, and I see that you have tested different software as reason, ableton, etc, but I do not see on your list Kontakt sampler.
    Please would be you so nice to tell me if have you tested this nice aodyo controller with kontakt software? In this case could you tell me if it is working as I would desire?
    Thnak you very much

  • It really depends on the Kontakt library you use. For instance, the Samplemodeling libraries (e.g., The Trumpet) automatically use the intensity of your breath (sent by the Sylphyo as MIDI CC11 messages, by default).

    Some others are not programmed to use this information, but you can setup them to use it. The basic idea is to setup a mapping (using the MIDI mapping settings of Kontakt or your plugin host) that assigns MIDI CC11 to parameters like amplitude/volume/… I found a video tutorial that explains how to do it with any Kontakt library, and a forum post with some discussion about it. I hope it's enough to get you started.

    Otherwise, if you don't want to do this, you can always set the Sylphyo velocity setting to Dynamic so that your breath controls how "percussive"/loud the beginning of notes are, with sample-based sounds. But if the sampler doesn't use CC11, you won't be able to continuously control the intensity of the sound using your breath, just note beginnings.

    Don't hesitate to report your experience to us, this could help us add a Kontakt section in the user manual!

  • Thank you very much for the answer, I was investigating before your answer to do in other way but I think the way is explained on the tutorial that you recommended me is a better and precise way to do it.

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