New mouth piece

  • Hello, I'm interested to buy an aodyo and I have been looking some commentaries about it on forums.
    I have read a commentary made by Jonathan from Aodyo on april 5, 2016 announcing a new separate active mouth piece, here there is his comment:
    "The mouthpiece is currently very simple, but a separate active mouthpiece with a ton of sensors will be available for the Sylphyo near Q4 2016 or Q1 2017"
    I would like to know if I buy an aodyo sylphyo just now (december 2016) it will have already this new mouth piece.
    Thank you very much

  • Hi! The active mouthpiece isn't ready yet. We preferred to reschedule it to next year, and focus on the stability and performance of the internal software (which we just released).

    Anyway, the mouthpiece is an extension, so if you buy a Sylphyo today, you will be able to use it with the active mouthpiece when it's released.

    (I moved your post the English section of the forum)

  • I appreciate your quick answer. Would be you so nice to tell me the approximate price it will have when you sell it?
    Thank you very much

  • I'm afraid I can't tell you this yet… But send us a mail at and we'll tell you as soon as we know! And don't hesitate if you have any other question as well.

  • As Jonathan said, the active mouthpiece price cannot be announced yet as we are still working on it.
    The current passive mouthpiece is sold lower than 20€.
    Our target price for the active mouthpiece is under 100€ but will dépend on the solution we choose and the cost of mechanical and electronic parts.

  • I am also very interested in this mouthpiece.
    It is even what has just made my decision to buy a Sylphyo (I hope to receive it at the end of this week !).
    Any information concerning the sensors will be appreciated ;-)

  • We can keep you informed about this topic. Just send us an e-mail to so that we can do so.
    Regarding the sensors, I assume you mean the active mouthpiece sensor: we didn't decided which and how many sensor to built in this mouthpiece. Still quite some work but first exploration test are promising.

  • Yes, I currently have an EWI5000, that I will resell now, and I will lack at least the bite feature.

  • Hello,
    How goes the future mouthpiece ?
    Is there any chance to see it before summer ?
    Sorry for theses questions, but I miss it :-(

    Anyway, take of course the time that is necessary to make it a wonderful addon !

  • The mouthpiece won't be available before summer, unfortunately, because we're currently hard at work on two things: the internal synth, and new updates for the internal software of the Sylphyo.

    However, upcoming updates will feature a vibrato control that relies on subtle movements. We're currently beta-testing it and improving it, but it should be a quite good replacement for the vibrato bite sensor of other wind controllers.

  • Our friend the great Pedro Eustache beta-tested our soon to come new movement controlled vibrato and he really like it. Reminds him ney or baroque flute techniques for vibrato.

  • @join
    OK, I will wait of course ;-)

  • Hello,
    Two years ago, I have purchased my Sylphio with the hope of the "new" mouthpiece will arrive in a not-too-far future.
    Is this yet your plan, say, for 2019 ?

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