EWI Technical and Expressive Method

  • I have found an intersting PhD thesis on EWI Akai; this may be helpful also for Sylphyo players as it contains some details on MIDI, notation and blowing techniques.

    Matthew J. Vashlishan, University of Miami,
    The Akai Electric Wind Instrument (EWI4000s): A Technical and Expressive Method.

  • Thank you Wlodislaw, this is a complète method for learning to play the Ewi 4000. It can be used also for thé Ewi 5000 or the Sylphyo. But you must be abble to read notes.
    If I had this manual when I owned an Ewi 4000, it would have changed my (musician) Life !

    Wlodislaw nous propose une méthode complète pour apprendre à jouer de l’Ewi 4000. Mais elle se prête très bien à l’étude de l’Ewi 5000 ou du Sylphyo : problème : c’est en Anglais et il faut savoir lire les notes.

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