Ethnic Vst Instruments library for Sylphyo

  • I would like to buy an ethnic sounds library: a VST instrument collection for windows (I am particulary interested in asiatic instruments: sitar, indian Tabla, sakuachi, koto) Samples and perhaps loops too. I wonder if you know which one works OK with Sylphyo. Because some vst instruments do not work properly with wind controllers. Thank You.

  • @flautista I think, you simply need to try it. It works different with every VST and you need to experiment with the settings. I own a "Native Instruments Maschine MK3" that runs as plugin inside my Bitwig Daw. There are some cool Loops and Ethnic Instruments inside the "Maschine" system , some run in Kontakt Player. I don't use the real "Kontakt" so far, only the K. Player, so there are some settings, I can't change. But
    I think you should be able to find cool instrument sets at "Native Instruments" site. I have a "Ney", for instance, that sounds and performs great with the Sylphyo. But the main thing is - I'm all about experimenting.

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