Little questions

  • Hi Aodyo,

    First let me say how interesting and promising your device looks!

    I'm interested in it because it's the electronic device that seems most likely to feel like a tin whistle; I'd like to be able to practice silently and also use my tin whistle skills (which by the way are minimal) to produce other sounds.

    I have a few simple questions about what it can do:

    • can we define our own fingering? This would be useful as neither the Celtic nor the whistle fingering is exactly what I want.

    • does the key bend feature work well enough that you can reliably use it for accidentals? On the whistle you half-hole to get notes like e flat, for instance. It seems to me that this us really important if you want to really play it like a whistle.

    • can you overblow to get an upper octave? I'm assuming not but I thought I'd ask just in case!

    • is the plan of producing a reed mouthpiece still alive? Nothing to do with the whistle obviously, but if there were one that'd be great.

    Any and all answers appreciated! Thanks to Aodyo for coming up with this innovative device.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for these kind words!

    • For now fingerings cannot be customized. We are aiming to include this option in our software.

    • Key bend feature is still a beta feature. It is stable enough to realize precise bends. Sensitivity and range are not avaible to set yet, so it seems hard use it as new fingering.

    • Overblow can be obtained with most of virtual instruments or synths.

    • Active mouthpiece project is still alive, also for now we concentrate on the release of our synth.

  • Le synthé en préparation est un module de son pour le Sylphyo ? Module externe ? Ce serait génial si les sons de sample modelling étaient dedans...

  • Le synthé sur lequel nous travaillons actuellement est bien un module de son pour le Sylphyo, qui sera interne et externe. De dimensions réduites, il n'aura pas la puissance d'un ordinateur, nécessaire pour faire tourner les moteurs SWAM.

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