Sounds for the Sylphyo

  • I am considering purchasing. Do you have any recommended sound banks that you know work with the Sylphyo?

  • Hi Darryl,

    Anything that responds to MIDI should work at least minimally (meaning, you will be able to issue notes, at the very least). The best synths and sound banks are those that can respond to MIDI Control Change 2 (Breath Control) or 11 (Expression), or even aftertouch messages: those will correctly respond to your breath.

    If you want the simplest setup possible, our user guide provides some "quick start" advice with free/cheap synths for Mac, PC, and iOS. For instance, you can just plug the Sylphyo into a Mac, launch Garageband and play. But you won't get the best sound and it doesn't really reflect all the Sylphyo's expressive capabilities.

    Now, we have our list of favorites, and what you'll like depends on what kind of sounds you'd like to play and how much money you're willing to spend.

    For "realistic" wind instrument sounds, we are huge fans of Sample Modeling. Their VSTs allow to play many wind instruments (sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute…), even stringed instruments (check out the new Cello) using the Sylphyo. As it is a combination of sampling and physical modeling, the instruments are very expressive to play, and they're very light on memory. You can hear them in this video, for instance.
    We also had successful experiences with SaxLab (there's a demo on their website).
    One of our early adopters has also used Embertone Jubal Flute (check out his videos). We're aware of several other Kontakt instruments but we haven't given them a proper look yet.

    For more electronic sounds, we like to use a Nord Modular G2 rack, but we haven't explored the virtual instrument space very thoroughly.
    We're planning to investigate NI Massive and Logic Pro's new Alchemy synth, as well as the Moog Model 15 app another user has recommended.
    One of our musician friends, Florian Becquigny, plays a lot of electronic music using the Sylphyo. If you're more interested in non-realistic sounds, maybe we can ask him to provide some advice on what he likes and uses most.

  • Hi there,

    the Sylphyo works well with my main vst-synths like Massive, Sylenth, Dune 2 and Access Virus Ti.
    Tons of fun as I am not really a keyborder but having a more flute/bagpipe/trumpet background.


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