vibratto again sorry

  • I use the celtic fingering, and what I miss is using fingered vibratto, shake vibrato is just not the same..

    I have sent detailed fingering charts to you guys for what is an accurate Celtic vibratto, and really hope you can programme this at some point, but a simple way would be to use and add the right hand little finger, to most of the note positions with a fixed vibrato pitch bend, a few of the mid bagpipes use this in addition to finger positions and it works very well

  • Aodyo Instruments

    We know you really want this finger vibrato option :), but unfortunately we cannot add it right now because it would require us to rework our entire fingering system, and we're really busy on other projects (like the synth card) at the moment.

    However, we know we will have to rework this system in preparation for future features (user fingerings, more realistic traditional fingerings with half-holes and quarter-holes), so as soon as it is reworked we'll update the Celtic fingering to include finger vibrato. If we have to delay this rework, then we'll consider implementing the simpler way you proposed so that you don't have to wait too much.

  • Hey K!

    Have you tryed using uillean pipes sounds? Do thgey work ok?



  • @join send me the files and i will program for you

    @konan from skikda i hope ? most excellent band

    thumbjam has a free UP sample which is ok

    unfortunately Bagpipe lab app does not support breath control but have done nice samples
    including my new pibau sample

    kontact has some good samples but need allot of programming

  • @konan michael elskin has produce two new apps that worked well with the sylpho.

    epipes and ulieen piper.