To give a complementary answer, it really depends on your tablet, on the Android version, and on the synth software you're planning to use. As Laurent said, Android isn't a good option for musical performance, but here are some pointers if you're determined to try and use the Sylphyo with your tablet.

First, you must ensure that your tablet can work as a USB Host; i.e., that you can plug, for instance, a mouse or a USB flash drive, and that your tablet can access it. I think you can easily get this kind of information with a quick Google search.
You'll also need a USB-OTG adapter that allows you to connect your Android tablet to the receiver device of the Sylphyo.

Then, your version of Android must be understand USB-MIDI. As USB-MIDI support seems to have been introduced in Marshmallow, I guess there's pretty good support for any kind of device, but I haven't tried it (we don't have any Android device here at Aodyo).

And finally, you will have to find a synth application that supports MIDI devices connected through USB. A synth that responds correctly to wind controllers might be even harder to find (there are some in iOS, but I don't know for Android). You might have to look into the settings of the app to enable and configure the MIDI connection.

If you want to go down this route, I suggest that you follow video tutorials such as this one (but instead of connecting a MPKmini, you'll be connecting the receiver device, and you'll be playing from the Sylphyo). Don't hesitate to report on your progress here!